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Intellectual Freedom Resources: Basics & Essential Docs

Find information on a variety of Intellectual Freedom topics librarians face everyday.

Video Introduction to Intellectual Freedom

Introduction to Intellectual Freedom in Libraries - Webinar

Mary Minow presenter

Presenter: Mary Minnow JD, MLIS

A parent asks you to remove a book from the shelf because she feels it could harm her children.
A library user complains that the current collection of magazines doesn’t include his political viewpoint and too much of a different one.
You heard that a library worker in the next county was reprimanded for a post she put on the library's social media site. Now you wonder about writing your next posts for your library.
One public comment on the library's social media site seems like a slur and another seems like a threat. Should you remove them?

What do you do?

In this webinar, you will learn techniques to approach these challenges and others, along with a firm background of intellectual freedom in libraries, including relevant laws and court cases.

Intellectual Freedom Guide For School Libraries

Intellectual Freedom Q & A


Welcome to the Central Kansas Library System 

Intellectual Freedom Resource Guide  


The information and tools found here will help librarians in their practice and be a resource that evolves with time.  If you have suggestions for additional material or topics to include, please contact me. -- Patty Collins


Presentation Resources

Conference Presentation Resources

ARSL 2018 

Intellectual Freedom Conversations: Real-life situation, real-life solutions


Tuesday's with CKLS - IF Conversations Part 1

Tuesday's with CKLS - IF Conversations Part 2

Professional Collection

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